The Globe and Mail recently consulted Aaron Lanni, Portfolio Manager and Medici Partner, to better understand Alimentation Couche-Tard’s stock outlook.

Despite an excellent performance since the beginning of the year, Couche-Tard shares. have fallen by 18% since May (at the time of the article’s publication).

According to the article, Couche-Tard faces several obstacles, including the suspension of its activities in Russia, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Inflation is also a problem for the company.

However, Lanni points out, Couche-Tard’s profit margins have increased in markets outside Europe.  

According to Aaron, the volume of gasoline sold is expected to increase, not least because it is still 16% lower than before the pandemic. And while fuel sales are expected to decline over the long term, this decline will be gradual, and the increase in margins will offset the company’s balance sheet.

Read the entire Globe and Mail article.

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